Partner With Us For Food Delivery

We believe that in fair cost partnering with Restauranats and Gocery Shop to delivery their Foods and Groceries to their customers, together we can empower the general public with many options to access affordable foods, improve business and customer loyalty programs.

Take a look at the many ways your company can partner with your orginization that will bring fair business success for both parties . Strategic partnerships.

Benefits in Partnering with our Food Delivery

If you own a Restaurant, you probably know the pain of sharing your hard earned profits with a Food Delivery Companies which some can even charge high commission fees as high as 35% food delivery fees and at Eatcheapper , try by all means to give you and your business competitive edge when it come to delivery fees. We all know that all business have Ups and Downs, and as a Restaurant owner youre required to reduce some of your menu so that you can be competitive and thats why  We Dont want to lock you and your business in a long food delivery contracts but we give your restaurant or your business Five different flexible pricing options that you can use to partner with us.



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Grocery Store Delivery Partnership

  • Deli Eats Partnership (Deli Food Delivery)
  • Wi-Fi Store HotSpop Partnership
  • Live Cam Ordering
  • Xtra Eats (Grocery Auction)

Deli Eats Partnership

Most incumbent Food Delivery Companies only deliver food from the local Fast Food Restaurants and We at EatCheapper have developed what we call Deli Eats which is a Hot Meals Food Delivery for grocery Store or Supermarket that sells fresh cooked meals inside the store.

Deli Eats Partnerships will give your grocery store kithen a competitive advantages, through our Live Kitchen Cam Ordering which allows customers to order hot meals via Live Cam Ordering Platform developed by EatCheapper Food Technologies



We Delivery Hot Meals and General Groceries from any small or Big Supermarket or Grocery Stores See More

  • Xtra Eats Partnerships

Now Days everything can be Auction online or physically and Why Not Food Grocery? Gone are the days when             food auctions service was only for the big multinational’s wholesalers selling food only to big brand             supermarkets and grocery stores now can create and sell their stock on Auction on our platform.

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Partner With Us as a Food Delivery Driver

As delivery driver partner don’t worry about the lack of delivery jobs volumes, EatCheapper Marketplace is here to make you more profits.

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