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Restaurant, Takeaways restaurants, Grocery stores are now able to sell their food groceries on Live Auction on our food marketplace platform. We have compiled our products and services that will help you to navigate easily on our website.

Find Youth Jobs on Our Career page, Find food delivery jobs, Restaurant waiter or waitress job in your local area. Here is the list of our products and services below.

Products Description
Wi-Fi Eats

Wi-Fi Eats HotSpot

Eat Shop

Wi-Fi Eats is EatCheapper Wi-Fi Coupons and Wi-Fi Rewards

EatCheapper Wi-Fi Hotsport for Restaurants and Partnered Shops

Eat Cheapper Franchise Brands and Shops

Cheap Pay

EatTv Channels

Griin Food

EatCheapper Marketplace Payment Gateway

Online Cooking streaming Tv show

Food Recycling

Food Delivery

Play Eats

Biiz Eats

Grocery Delivery, Deli Eats, Green Food Delivery

Spin Wheel and Win

Business Food Delivery

Xtra Eats

Ad Eats

Delli Eats

Grocery Auction

Business Markerting and Advertising Platform

Surpamrket and Grocery Stores hot meals Delivery

Kitchen Xpress

Cheap Store

Biiz Link

Home Cooked meals Food Delivery

EatCheapper Marketplace

Corporate Social Responsability

Live Cam Kiosk

Social Credit Card 

Vendii Eats

Live Cam Kiosk for partnered Restaurant and Grocery shops

Food  Credict Card

Food Vending Machine Franchise

                                         Wi-Fi Eats

Wi-Fi Eats¬ģ is a Free Wi-Fi internet connection service from EatCheapper Food Technologies and it’s made for EatCheapper Partnered Restaurants to offer Free Food Coupons and discounts their restaurant customers.

Restaurants customers recieve POP-UP free food coupons while using Free Wi-Fi at the restaurant or POP- UP notification Foods on Promotions at the Restaurant.  See More


                                                                Vendii Eats

Vendii Eats is an EatCheapper vending Machine that allows to give the public with affordable meals 24/7 around the clock.With our Vending Machines stationed across the public spaces like

                                               Deli Eats Delivery

Deli Eats is a added Value Food Delivery for Supermarkets and Grocery stores hot meals kitchens Food Delivery.

Most Supermarkets and Grocery stores that sell hot meals in their kitchen don’t have any proper marketing strategies or marketing products that are specifically directed to market hot meals they sell in their kitchen and their marketing only rely on the overall supermarket walk in customers.

EatCheapper have introduces several marketing strategies to add value to these serious profitable food kitchen businesses. See More



                                                                    Cheap Pay

Cheap Pay is  for payment service provider for EatCheapper Marketplace and Cheap Store.

Get in touch to register your interest in using our APIs and we’ll reach out as soon as possible.

Cheap Pay is an ever-growing ecosystem of products and services for people around the world. We want to empower people to pay and get paid with their preferred payment method.

If you are a Payment Service Provider (PSP) or payment partner, you can now integrate with EatCheapper by leveraging Cheap Pay APIs. See More

                                                                    Lucky Eats

Earn  Lucky Eats Coupons from all EatCheapper Partnered Restaurants or Grocery Stores. The Lucky Eats Coupons comes in different types such as scratch cards.   See More








                                                               Xtra Eats

Xtra Eats is a grocery auction APP developed by EatCheapper Food Technologies, Big and Medium grocery stores are now able to sell their Food Online Auction Eatcheapper Food Marketplace platform.

Gone are the days when food auctions service was only for the big multinational’s wholesalers selling food only to big brand supermarkets and grocery stores.

now any local grocery store can sell their grocery stock on EatCheapper food Auction platform and directly to the public. See More


                                                                      Live Cam Kiosk

Live Cam kiosk for fast food can serve as self-service ordering systems where customers can order directly from Live Cam-service kiosks. A Live Cam kiosk is a small, free standing physical structure that displays the entire menu with Live Camera for customers to order Face to Face Food ordering Live on camera.23.6-inch

Live Cam kiosk is changing the way customers order food. It allows guests to order on Live-Cam and pay independently at fast-food restaurants.Many restaurants and Live Cam kiosks also allow customers to pay electronically through credit cards and other means. See More

                                                                       Creddi Card

This is the ultimate all in one Food Credit Card ever created by EatCheapper Food Technologies. and we call it a Creddi Card. This is a Food Credit Card that is supported by well-known local banks in many Countries.

This card comes as a form of a VISA, MASTERCARD and American Express and with, this Food Credit card is striclty for buying food from local Restaurants and from Grocery Stores.SEE MORE


                                                            Private Kitchens

For the first time EatCheapper have created the most cost effective innovation for small businesses or individuals who are willing to enter the food business but with not much money to a traditional Restaurant or food shop, with Live Cam Home Kitchen platform, anyone with mobile phone and reliable internet connectivity can share his or cooking skills simple in his or her Home Kitchen.

(1) Start your Street Kitchen Business

(2)Start you Home Kitchen business

(3) Start your Ghost Kitchen Business

See More




                                                 Wi-Fi 4Business

Wi-fi Eats 4Business ADs innovative Smart WiFi suite of products enables venues for all types of Businesses to advertise on a Wi-Fi Advertising Platform from EatCheapper Food Technologies. See More







                                                          Cheap Store

Cheap Store is a digital distribution service operated and developed by EatCheapper Food Technologies. It serves as the official app store for certified EatCheapper Partners for EatCheapper Marketplace on  allowing users to browse and download applications developed with the EatCheapper Food Technologies and published through on EatCheapper Food Marketplace.

Please Call us for more options. best quality always.

                                                    Play Eats

Play Eats is Lucky wheel spin and win Mobile App and Web App that helps our members to receive Lucky Eats Food Coupons with their mobile devices and with their PC.

Find Free Food Coupons or Discunted Foods simply by Signing Up with EatCheapper Food Delivery,Just Spin the Lucky Wheel and get free food coupons or Free Groceries from EatCheapper Partnered local Restaurants and Grocery Stores.

Read More


                                                EatTv Channel

Get Reliable and Affordable Food Cooking Tv Channel. Stream Live your own Home Kitchen Cooking, Make and Upload Food Videos on EatTv. Enjoy Live Restaurants Cam and Bars near you.

Sign Up and Become a Tv Celebrity by simply becoming a Home Kitchen Chef and make money.

From R175/Month



                                           Our Services


                                 EatCheapper For Business

                                         Welcome to EatCheapper for Business!! Thousands of EatCheapper app users may be searching for food in you are

By partnering with Eat Cheapper for Business and adding your business to Eat Cheaper business platform, we can help your corporate in many ways, for example Employee and corporate relationships improved. “Offering EatCheapper to your business innovative strategies ways for your business. See More


                                                       Live Cam Shopping Agent

Food or Grocery Live Cam shopping is all the rage in the World at the moment, generating hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue last year and still growing.

With this phenomenon catching on with consumers globally, companies in every country are trying to figure out the best way to jump on the livestream shopping bandwago See More





Are you a Restaurant start up? Stuck without food delivery bikes, POS, Cutlery and restaurant tables? Or your business just doesn’t own a food delivery Bike?

Either way, if you’re missing a form of food delivery transportation for your restaurant or for your supermarket store, you have to find some way to delivery your food to your customers. Fortunately, there are more options than ever these days. Between, scooter, small car, and food Delivery bike rentals. See More


                                                           Corporate Social Responsibility

This is for Businesses that practice corporate social responsibility aim to improve their communities, the economy or the social environm

ent which they do business.

Businesses that practice corporate social responsibility aim to improve their communities, the economy or the environment. See More 



                                      Youth Employment Program

EatCheapper youth employment program is a food business-led collaboration that seeks out groundbreaking ways, through innovation and technological best practice, to reignite the economy and give youth a dignified first chance. EatCheapper 12-month quality work experience equips unemployed youth with a toolkit to be a beacon of hope for their families, households and communities. SeeMore




Youth Entrepreneurship Program

An entrepreneurial spirit has been a tenet of Investec’s culture always. We encourage it inside the organization and support it outside the organization.

At EatCheapper We continue to foster a Youth entrepreneurial spirit; we believe that future is with the Youth and it’s vital for us to develop programs for young entrepreneurs whose success will create opportunity for economic participation in any country EatCheapper operates. See More


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