Food Xchange

What is Food Xchange?

  • Have you ever thought good food with a close-to-expiration label in supermarkets beein trown away? In general, consumers are reluctant to buy and consume near-expired food, which contributes to food waste in supermarkets and restaurants. An astonishing 931 million tons of food were wasted in 2019 worldwide.
  • Retail and Restaurants account for a large proportion of food waste, 13%, and 61%, respectively. This food waste aggravates economic, environmental, and societal problems by wasting money and precious resources (i.e., soil, and water) and emitting greenhouse gas unnecessarily.
  • Therefore, reducing food waste, with different programes where Restaurants or Food Retailers, Wholesalers  and  Resaurants with near-expired to be Recycled using EatCheapper Griin Food recycling programes such as

Food Xchange Corporate Social Programe

  • Food Xchange is EatCheapper food rescue program that work as Green enitiativive for Not olny to save our planet but also to help businesses to use Food Xchange programe for their Corporate Social Responsable .
  • Food retailers, Farmers,Restaurants supply us with near expiring food products, the we allocate these food in our food distribution programes.

Soup Kitchen

Because Food Xchange are always on specials, or very low discounted, From Now ,your orginazation can become a sponsor Food Xchange Soup Kitchen.

Food Xchange Brands and Labels

  • Food Xchange Labels are are food discounts labels that are used in in Gorcry Store or Supermakert for food product that are near expiering, Insted of disposing the food, the shops label these food with Food Xchange label to sell the food in discounted prices.
  • At the grocery shop anda t our online Cheap Store, Grocery Stores buy Food Xchange Label products Brands and  Food Xchange Labels such as

Food Xchange Fruits

Food Xchange Vergetables

Food Xchange Bakery

Food Xchange Canned Foods

Food Xchange Butchery

Food Xchange Frozen Food

Food Xchange Dairy

Food Xchange Meat and Fish

Food Xchange Grain

Food Xchange Hebs and Sices

Food Xchange Snacks

Food Xchange Drinks

Food Exchange Partnerships


  • We all know that sometimes Farms can receives too much harvest for certain products and we partner with farm to suppliy us with near expiring produce so that insteard of them disposing the food, Farm must supply us with food and we process it to give that food a diffennt life time. The Tomato Farm Insted of disposing near expiring tomatoes its supplies us with near expired tomatoes and Food Xchange will give that tomatoes another chance of life as prosessing that food into something different,axample,  expiring Tomatoes and we prosess  and package it to become a new product as a tomato souse and Food Xchange will destribute that tomato sause in Partnered Grocery Stores and Partnered Restaurants.

(2) Grocery Stores Parthnership

  • We all know that just like any business days are not the same, sometimes day are good and sometimes day are bad and the restaurant didnt sell much and keeping food in fridgen is not enough to keep the fresh fresh. EatCheapper partner with frestaurants to suppliy us with near expiring food so that insteard of them disposing the food, Restaurant must supply us with  near expiring food and we process it to give that food a diffennt life time.


(3)Food Distributors Partnerships

  • We use almost the same strategy to Food Distributors or Food Wholesalers Partners, For whatever the reason for Wholwsalers not able to sell the food, We partner with them  and supply us with Near Expiring Food.


  • Gone are those where a restaurants would just dispose food that didnt sell, Now we partner with Restaurants to supply us with Food that is near expiring and we process that food and give it a long life time.

                              Business Sponsorship

  • Are you a Food Retailer, Supermaket, Restaurant or Food Wholesaler?Partner with Us to make this world a better place by simply exchanging food that are near expiring and your Business will earn Green Points.

          What are Green Points?

Green Point are points that a business earn everytime the business parcitipating on Food Exchange Program.

           How Does Green Points Work?

Earn Green Point and use Green Points to advertise or promote your business or products on Ad Eats   Platform

In case your green points are not enough to buy Ad Eats , you can Top- Up Green Points simply buy the green  points at Cheap Store and advertise your business or product.


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