Grocery Store Live Auctions

EatCheapper Food auction is a new way for big and meadium grocery stores to sell their food online eatcheapper food marketplace platform.

Gone are the days when food auctions service was only for the big multinationals wholesalers selling food only to big brand supermarkets and grocery stores,now any local grocery store can sell their grocery stock on EatCheapper food Auction platform and directly to the public.

Live Food Auctions

Again gone are the days when the general public had no! say or alternative ways in buying affordable food and grocery for their families,Eatcheapper for the first time have introduce a fair competitive opportunity way for general public to bid and compete for Live  food and grocery auction from the different supermarkets or grocery stores.

General public that eager buyers for food that is discontinued, seasonal or near its sell-by date. The food is generally still good after its sell-by date, and these auctions may be one answer to the world’s growing food waste problem.

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