Set up a shop on Eat Cheaper Marketplace

With EatCheapper Marketplace Shop, you can publish and sell food products on Eat Cheaper Shop or Food Groceries and Food Auctions. People who visit your online EatCheapper food shop or your online Restaurant menu and they can browse your food products, make purchases and get to know your  online food store or restaurant brand in your area. You’ll create your online  grocery shop or online Restaurant account in Eat Cheaper  Commerce Manager, a platform that you’ll use to manage your inventory and sales on EatCheapper Food Marketplace.


Before you begin

To set up a shop on Eat Cheaper Marketplace  and EatCheapper  food delivery is Easy:

  • If you don’t have a EatCheappe business account profile or catalogue yet, you can create both when you set up your shop.
  • If you already have a Profile and catalogue that you want to use for your shop:

    • Make sure that you have manage Page permissions for the Page. If you manage your Page and catalogue in a Business Manager account, you’ll need to be an admin on the account.
  • If you want to make your Auctions to be visible on Eatcheaper Food Auction Page, you’ll also need to be verified Shop or  business account. Your Business or a online vendor  must own the EatCheapper  business account

Create your shop

To create your shop in Commerce Manager:

  1. Go to Register your Shop or Restaurant  page and click Next.
  2. Select a 3 months free subscription package or  monthly subscription package of your choice . Click Next.
  3. Pay with your debit card or credit for your subscription
  4.  Go to setting and set up your business bank account which you will be paid to
  5. Upload pictures and Prices for each food product that you want to sell
  6. , or create a new Page if you don’t have one yet. If you also want to sell on Instagram, select your Instagram business account. Click Next.
    • Note: If you don’t already have a catalogue, you won’t see this step. We’ll create a catalogue for you automatically in Vendor Control panel called “Items for (name and ID of your Page)”. You can add your items later when you’ve finished setting up your shop.
  7. Look over your shop details, review and agree to the Seller Agreement and click Finish setup.

You’ve now created your shop. Next, you’ll want to:

  • Manage your catalogue to add any products you want to sell.
  • Create a collection or Delivery, a group of products you want to feature in your shop.
  • Customize the look and feel of your shop by uploading the business Logo
  • Publish your shop. People can see your shop once we’ve reviewed and approved your collections.

Shop Set – Up Fees

Shop Set-Up Fees are actually for FREE  and EASY, anyone with a computer can do it. Shop Set-Up Fees  are actually an  ADDON service from EatCheapper ADMN and its made for a very busy Shop owners or restaurant mangers who would like EatCheapper Staffs to SET UP their shop or EatCheapper manage their online shop business or online  restaurant on their behalf. Setting  up online shop can be time consuming and that’s a reason why there is a ONCE OFF  minimum fee R100  Shot Set-UP fee.


Register your Shop Now

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