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Welcome to EatCheapper Kitchen Xpress, Generally Food Kitchens are very popular as street food spot, or they found in private home kitchen, and they sell affordable daily fresh hot meals. Unlike established restaurants, Food kitchen are unformal food vendors which normally owned by one or few individuals of family owned.

EatCheapper food delivery core business is to deliver affordable food to the public and as a result EatCheapper have partnered with lots of private Kitchens types such as

                                                  Home Private Kitchens

For the First time, Since most Restaurants were shut as result of the coronavirus pandemic it was difficult to eat favorite meals on your favorite Restaurants , EatCheapper have partnere with Proffessional Chefs and student chefs or just individuals who specialize in any traditional dish or cuisen to cook food at their home private kitchens.

Eat Cheaper Food Delivery Home Kitchen to the public and that’s means from now you can Hire a Live Private Chef to cook your favorite dish according to your recipe or your own specification. See more


                                                                    Deli Kitchen

Deli Kitchen is a kitchen situated inside the grocery store and they are mainly operated by the store management with maybe one chef and few staff member who actually sell prepared hot meals on the counter. See More

Traditional Fast Food Delivery companies do not work or partner with grocery store kitchen because their main business focus is working with established fast-food restaurants and as a result EatCheapper have partnered with Grocery Stores Kitchen to sell and delivery the hot meal and remain affordable.

                                                                Street Food Kitchen

Whether you’re just jogging, walking or just staying along the street, probably you have seen a caravan or a mobile container kitchen selling hot meals. EatCheapper have partnered with hundreds of street food kitchen to bring affordable foods to the public. See More

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