About chargebacks in Commerce Manager

In some instances, a customer may contact their credit or debit card issuer to file a chargeback, which means they’ve asked their card issuer for their money back. In a chargeback dispute, the card issuer decides the outcome (not Facebook).

A customer can file a chargeback for reasons including but not limited to:

  • The customer didn’t receive the item.
  • The payment was unauthorised.
  • The item was significantly not as described.
  • The customer was charged multiple times for the same product.
  • The customer was charged for the incorrect amount.
  • You didn’t follow your stated return policy.

What happens when a chargeback is filed

When a customer files a chargeback, we place a hold on the transaction amount until a decision is made. It may take card issuers up to 75 days to make a chargeback decision.

We email you at your business email and notify you in Commerce Manager both when a chargeback is filed and when a decision is made. You can check Disputes (located under the Orders tab) in Commerce Manager for specific chargeback details.

Chargebacks appear in your cash reconciliation reports available in Commerce Manager.

How to respond

  1. Go to Disputes (located under the Orders tab) in Commerce Manager.
  2. View the details and select Respond.
  3. Add a photo or provide other evidence to support your appeal and select Next.
  4. Select Send to start the chargeback appeal process.

What to include in your response

If you don’t agree that a chargeback is valid, you have ten days from the date and time of the chargeback to respond. You can provide information through Facebook to the customer’s card issuer that shows you fulfilled the order. We recommend you provide as much of the following information as you have available:

  • Copy of the transaction invoice or signed order form
  • Tracking information and proof of delivery, particularly if the customer signed for the item when it was delivered
  • Evidence of replacement (such as tracking details or proof of delivery) if you already sent a replacement to the customer
  • Evidence that the customer was already issued a refund
  • Correspondence with the customer that supports your case

Types of chargebacks

Products not received
Products unacceptable

Chargeback decisions in your favour

If a card issuer decides a chargeback in your favour, the transaction amount and any associated chargeback fees held in your account are released. You can view details of the decision in Disputes in Commerce Manager.

Chargeback decisions in the customer’s favour

If a card issuer decides a chargeback in the customer’s favour, the transaction amount and the USD¬†20 chargeback fee deducts from your account. You can view details of the decision in Disputes in Commerce Manager.

Note: If you don’t respond to the chargeback within ten days, the card issuer will automatically decide the chargeback in the customer’s favour.

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