Food Marketplace

EatCheapper has launched a new online food marketplace,Eatcheapper food Marketplace connect shops and food suppliers with their local customers. Supermakets,Wholesalers can list food in bulk for sale (for both collection and delivery), helping to distribute food across the world in a safe Covid-contact manner.

EatCheapper online marketplace offers food auction services for suppliers such as, farm shops, butchers, patisseries, fruit and veg wholesalers so they can sell their food products on auction.

EatCheapper welcomes anyone that can provide local people with cheap tasty meals, in accordance with Food Standards regulation.

Food Auction

Gone are the days when food auctions service was only for the big multinationals wholesalers selling food only to big brand supermarkets and grocery stores,now any local grocery store can sell their grocery stock on EatCheapper food Auction platform and directly to the public.

unlike a traditional food delivery companies which only focus on food delivery in a well established restaurants big brands which have tables and chairs to seat.


Ghost Kitchens

EatCheapper Ghost Kitchen is a platform for supermarkets store,chefs and individuals to start a food business  to sell their hot meals from the grocery store kitchen or Home kitchens and directly to their nearby customers.From now on grocery and all food vendors such as home chefs can list and post their fresh cooked hot meals on EatCheapper ghost kitchens  . Read More

Food Shop

Buy food groceries as single items,food hampers or bulk  on our EatCheapper food marketplace.

Buy affordable food and grocery from different vendors to enhance customers to get the best prices on the market.EatCheapper Marketplace Food shop is updated every minutes by different food vendors who upload and update their food specials and food offering.


Welcome to the new world of Restaurants experience,here on EatCheapper food marketplace,restaurants listing and updating their food menu items every second and every hour and everyday to give restaurant customers the value of their money.

Restaurants Vendors are now  flexible and now able to list a daily food specials on their food menu shop and all that before the customer set a foot to the restaurant.Our EatCheapper Restaurants have a Geo location Pop-Up which save restaurants customers time by simply giving the customers a quick instant food sales in the near by customer location Read More


Street Food Kitchen

Looking for inspiration in the street kitchen?Go no further than our EatCheapper Food market Place ,street kitchen is for delectable delights to tantalize your taste buds on your street corner near you.

Street Kitchen can be a form of one or two people cooking and serving delicious food on the street for the people on the go,and its also can be a food truck selling food in the industrial or office areas


Read More


Spaza Shop

spaza shop, also known as a tuck shop, is an informal convenience shop business in South Africa, usually run from home.They also serve the purpose of supplementing household incomes of the owners, selling small everyday household items. These shops grew as a result of sprawling townships that made travel to formal shopping places more difficult or expensive.

In recent times Somalis,Bangladeshis,Indians,Ethiopians and South Africans in South Africa are noted for running spaza shops in black townships. Read More

EatCheapper Food Marketplace Terms and Conditions