Why Eat Cheapper?

 How we buy and consume food in restaurants and grocery stores is the single biggest threat to food security and profitability of any food business today. Delivering the massage to the customer is  a major driver of the restaurants or food grocery profitability or  loss of profitability. Poor customer communication is one of the leading reasons customers don’t even try  your restaurant or shop with no intention of coming back to your restaurant or shop in the near future. With so many choices available in the hospitality sector and retail grocery stores sector, today’s food consumer doesn’t have to tolerate poor communication service. They will simply never come to your shop or restaurant.


At the same time, Grocery Shops and restaurants throw away one third of all the near expiry date food in their shelves and the reason for this is mostly lack of proper customer targeted food marketing strategies that must convey massages of cheap affordable food near customer’s locations.

By EatCheapper  long consumer behavior study for Restaurants and Grocery stores ,Eat Cheaper have developed several customer communication and food delivery solutions to help restaurants maximize profits and grocery stores to convey the message about their cheap food or food sales available near their locations at that exact time of the day or night.

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