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Partner with Eat Cheaper and EatCheapper is a Technological innovative Food Marketplace that is combined with a Free Food Delivery service for restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, and grocery stores.

 Why Eat Cheapper?

How we buy and consume food in restaurants and grocery stores is the single biggest threat to profitability of any food business today. Delivering the massage to the customer is  a major driver of the restaurants or food grocery profitability or  loss of profitability. Poor customer communication is one of the leading reasons customers don’t even try  your restaurant or shop with no intention of coming to your restaurant or shop in the near future. With so many choices available in the restaurant sector and grocery stores sector, today’s food consumer doesn’t have to tolerate poor communication service. They will simply never come to your shop or restaurant.

EatCheapper For Restaurants and Grocery stores

It’s no longer a secret that takeaways delivered via well known Food Delivery Companies are  charging much more expensive commission to restaurants and grocery stores for delivering hot meals to restaurant or  grocery stores customers and this can lead to more expensive food to the customers because these third parties food delivery companies some are charging 30% commission delivery cost and this will reduce restaurant profit by 40% . For this reason EatCheapper is here to Help, EatCheapper doesn’t charge commission to restaurants or food grocery supermarkets but simply  partner with Eat Cheaper by selecting FREE or affordable monthly Subscription package and get your food delivered to your customers for Free. Who Pays for Food Delivery? READ MORE

5 reasons why your restaurants need to partner with EatCheapper Food Marketplace



(1)Daily Food Auctions

Almost all restaurants and grocery stores tell their customers about food specials when the customer is already inside the restaurant, A waiter/waitress would normally shows the customer about the specific  food groceries on special on the  menu on that day when the customer is already seated on the table and We at EatCheapper saw this as not a good way to call the customer to your restaurant or shop but telling the customer in advance before setting the foot in your restaurant is the best way to attract new customers.

This is simply done by a restaurant manger by uploading or publishing the Daily Food Special on the  menu on EatCheapper website marketplace platform. Customers will now be able to check on your restaurant online shop on  Eatcheapper website marketplace platform. Now customers can see what GROCERY PRODUCTS ON SPECIAL TODAY or TODAY BREAFAST DEALS  available near him/her before setting their foot to your restaurant or food shop. READ MORE







We all know that all businesses ,have daily ups and downs ,not every day or every week and very month restaurant get full or busy, some days or months are busier than others and as a result EatCheapper have created a service for grocery shops and restaurants to be able to be flexible enough to sell food products on LATE SHOP CLOSING TIME SPECIALS.

restaurants don’t have to waste time by keeping food in the fridges by hoping that they will sell the same food tomorrow  but  they can actually sell food cheap when they are about to close   as the term as CLOSING DOWN SALES because time is money and restaurant or grocery can’t really wait for unknown tomorrow sales ,especially in these fast changing customer behavior. READ MORE



(3)Instant (POP-Up) Food Deals

Instant Product Pop-Up is a Bot on our Website and and EatCheaper Food Delivery APP .Customer’s brows EatCheapper website or EatCheapper Food Delivery App for food deals all the times before they commit to order food online, so why not giving them what they want at that exact time? Let’s say its lunch time and a customer (A) is craving for a specific cheap deal of a burger to eat for lunch.

On (POP-Up) platform a restaurant or food shop now can simply advertise  a burger on sale just for an hour on  on EatCheapper website and EatCheapper APP.

The Shop manager can run this burger POP UP FOOD DEALS anytime He/She like depending on the burger stock availability and shop promotional needs.

For example the lunch time INSTANT POP UP BURGER SALE within lunch times making easier for a restaurant to be fast and flexible to increase profits just in one hour.

INSTANT POP UP FOOD DEALS is an paid extra service page on EatCheapper Website and Food delivery APP READ MORE


(4) Kitchen Plus

Kitchen Plus is a added Value product for Supermarkets and Grocery stores hot meals kitchens.

Most Supermarkets and Grocery stores that sell hot meals in their kitchen don’t have any proper marketing strategies or marketing products that are specifically directed to market hot meals they sell in their kitchen and their marketing  only rely on the overall supermarket walk in customers .

EatCheapper have introduces several marketing strategies to add value to these serious profitable food kitchen businesses. READ MORE


(5)Shop Competitions

Now  you as a customers can win food or grocery hampers  by simply buying any amount of grocery scratch cards in the shop kiosk  and win food hampers or any food product !!, after buying the scratch card from the shop kiosk then the customer can scratch the card while still in the shop or at Home .READMORE


 How to partner with Us?

 Simply  set up your restaurant or shop account. Choose a monthly membership fee package that suits your restaurant or your shop menu size with no extra cost and NO commission charged. Upload a menu. Set up your shop or restaurant bank account in your EatCheapper food marketplace and start selling and your profit comes direct to you.

EatCheapper don’t charge commission at all, Zero, and that’s means if you Sign Up for your restaurant or for your supermarket or convenient food store you choose subscription of your choice depending with the size of your Restaurant Menu or the number of your shop Items and product you list on EatCheapper Food Delivery and Food Marketplace


Membership Fees

Choose or select the best membership package fee that suit your restaurant or shop and start selling with no extra commission charged, no matter how many dishes or products you sold on EatCheapper platform, it’s all your the money in your business bank account.


You’re Restaurant or your food shop will be your profit without ant share of your profit to EatCheapper

Eat Cheapper is the food Delivery Service combined with a  food Market place ,and also with food grocery Auction service which it is the first of its kind in the world.EatCheapper offer the world the first cheap affordable food prices near you. EatCheapper Food Delivery Service is here to give the best Fast and quick delivery time  of you food order. Buy more and stand a chance to get a free food delivery  from our food Marketplace vendors  and fast profitable online food market place platform for restaurants business owners, brick and mortar shop owner ,supermarkets and generally food dealers.



Start Your Business

Not sure how to start your food business on Eat Cheaper Marketplace?

Find out what to consider, and how to make it happen with our practical 8-step guide.

Are you an aspiring chef, restaurateur ,Grocery Shop owner or manager or street food vendor, it turns out that now might actually be a great time to take the plunge.

So EatCheapper food marketplace is here to help you get started, we’ve pulled together an 8-step beginner’s guide, with insider tips to give you every chance at success.

(1) Start your Street Kitchen Business

(2)Start you Home Kitchen business

(3) Start your Ghost Kitchen Business


Set Up a Shop on EatCheaper Food Marketplace

With EatCheapper Marketplace Shop, you can display and sell food products on Eat Cheaper Shop or Food Groceries and Food Auctions. People who visit your online EatCheapper food shop or your online Restaurant menu and they can browse your food products, make purchases and get to know your food store or restaurant brand in your area. You’ll create your online  grocery shop or online Restaurant account in Eat Cheaper  Commerce Manager, a platform that you’ll use to manage your inventory and sales on EatCheapper Food Marketplace.


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