Food Credit Card

This is the ultimate all in one Gift Card ever created by EatCheapper Food Technologies . and we call it a Food Credit Card .This card comes as a form of a plastic Card, but this gift card can do everything from Birthday Gift to Loyalty program card or Digital card and Food Credit Card andĀ  all that in oneĀ  card. This card is supported by big banks and it is available to selected restaurants and grocery shops.

This Card is can be issued as a Food Credit CardĀ  and supported by any local big Banks and as well as the well big chain restaurants or any food related businesses such as food Wholesalers .

For many businesses, some employees work outside the office for different reasons or just for a business trip locally or international.

Traditional the Corporate would simply issues a credit card to thatĀ  travelling employee to cover all the expenses for the trip but now EatCheapper have developed a Food Credit Card that only used by employees in a office or outside the office to buy hot meals anywhere the employee might be working.

What are the benefits of food Credit Card ?

Itā€™s easy to see the appeal of dining out: good food, nice ambiance, and someone else has to do the dishes. But all that delicious convenience can be expensive.

In fact, the average American spends about $3,675 a year, or roughly $306 a month, on dining, according to a sample budget based on the latest spending data available from the location intelligence firm But there are some easy ways to offset these costs if your Company use the right Food credit card from EatCheapper.

EatCheapper have Partnered with most well known big chain restaurants and well known chain grocery stores globally. Yor Company will earn points and the Employee Card user will always get specials and affordable groceries when using EatCheapper Food Credit Card.

Food CreditĀ  Card is supported by many major big Banks in the World, Please consult your nearestĀ  Bank for Food Credit Card application or Contact UsĀ