Food Coupons

Receive fast food coupons, grocery store coupons and convenient store food specials and deals from your favorite fast food restaurants in you your local area restaurants like Burger King, MacDonald Taco Bell, KFC, Popeye’s and many more.

Coupons and Gift Cards

A gift card and coupons also known as gift certificate on EatCheapper Food Delivery, or gift voucher or gift token and it  is a prepaid stored-value money card, issued by Eat Cheaper and Eat Cheaper restaurants or  food retailers EatCheapper partners, to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a partnered food store and Restaurants.

EatCheapper Free Food gift coupons comes in five different types or sizes depending on EatCheapper partnered restaurants or grocery store .

The Physical plastic printed coded card and you will need to register at your local restaurant or grocery store to enjoy this coupons.

(1) Play Eats Coupons

Play Eats is Lucky wheel spin and win Mobile App and Web App that helps our members to receive Lucky Eats Food Coupons with their mobile devices and with their PC.

Food and Drink | Spin the Wheel - Random Picker

Find Free Food Coupons or Discunted Foods simply by Signing Up with EatCheapper Food Delivery,Just Spin the Lucky Wheel and get free food coupons from EatCheapper Partnered local Restaurants and Grocery Stores.

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(2) Birthday Gift Voucher Card

The Birthday Card that we call a¬† iGift Card works as a the birthday date Gift pre-payment, which means that you can actually buy yourself or anyone a Birthday¬† Cake or Food gift in year or months advance and¬† the benefits of this Birthday Gift Card are that you can buy your favorite meal or book yourself a restaurant table in¬† year advance and¬† for today’s discounted prices.

imagine buying a today meals price or book and reserve a restaurant table and getting next year  for 20% off from its current price.

(3) Corporate Free Food Gift Card 

This card can be TOP-UP and be used to receive discounts or to buy hot meals in any EatCheapper partnered Restaurants and coffee shops.

(4)  DIGITAL voucher Card

which can be accessed by PCs and Mobile devices such as mobile phones and these vouchers also can be used to buy meals from the EatCheapper partnered restaurants and grocery stores.

(5) Loyalty Voucher Card

This Card can be obtained physically at any EatCheapper restaurants or grocery store for FREE, the user customer can actually get discounts as close to free if the user customer use this card constantly at any EatCheapper partnered with grocery shops and restaurants and the customer user will accumulate loyalty points that can be used as to buy drinks, groceries and hot meals from any EatCheapper Partnered restaurants ,supermarkets  and coffee shops.

 (6) Universal Gift Card

This is the ultimate all in one Gift Card ever created by EatCheapper Food Technologies and we call it a Universal Card .This card comes as a form of a plastic Card, but this gift card can do everything from Birthday Gift to Loyalty program card or Digital card and Food Credit Card and  all that in one  card. This card is available to selected restaurants and grocery shops.


This Card is can be issued as a Food Credit Card and supported by Banks and as well as the well big chain restaurants or any food related businesses such as food Wholesalers .


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