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As we pursue our mission to empower every person and every organization on the Globe to achieve more in Corporate Social Responsibility, we focus on four programs enduring commitments. These programs help us make decisions across everything we do‚ÄĒas we design and develop food related products, shape food business processes and policies, help our customers, build partnerships, and more‚ÄĒalways ensuring our actions align with our mission.

At EatCheapper Food Technologies, we work every day to put people first ‚ÄĒ by empowering them with accessible Food Programs, being a force for fighting hunger and business opportunities in the developing world, We create an inclusive and diverse work environment, and respecting the human rights of everyone whose lives we touch.

What is the role of corporations in addressing hunger Social challenges?

Hunger Social challenges are complex, pressing social and ecological problems involving diverse actors such as poverty ,unemployment and so on. and these Social challenges cannot be taken for granted anymore.

The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility for Businesses

  • Food Corporate social responsibility, or CSR, is a form of self-regulation that reflects a business‚Äôs accountability and commitment to contributing to the well-being of communities and society through various environmental and social measures.
  • CSR plays a crucial role in a company‚Äôs brand perception; attractiveness to customers, employees, and investors; talent retention; and overall business success.
  • A company can implement four types of CSR efforts: environmental initiatives, charity work, ethical labor practices and volunteer projects.

What is Eatcheapper Corporate Social Responsibility Program?

At EatCheapper We forever and continuous innovate our ways of doing business to improve the lives of society. We have developed Virtual partnerships Programs for businesses to be able to engage themselves in affordable Corporate Social Responsibility.

and these programs are designed to help all types or sizes of businesses to get involved in an affordable Corporate Social Responsibility. and Our Programs such as

(1)Mobile Kitchen Soup Kitchens

Public Park soup kitchens serve food to anyone in the park and often serve meals, consisting of not only soup, but sandwiches too.  Read More

(2) Food Scratch Card Game

There are two types of Food Scratch Card Game

  • Corporate Scratch Card Game
  • EatCheapper Scratch Card Game

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(3) EatCheapper Food Scratch Card

Members of the public as individuals are now able to directly in helping themselves in their communities by buying Food Scratch Card Read More

How Does EatCheapper Scratch Cards Game Food or groceries Work?

Sctratch Cards are sold in Eatcheapper,s Partner Gorcery Stores and restaurants

  • individuals or businesses buys Scratch Card and scratch the card Game and if the Scratch Card is a Food or Grocery winner
  • individual can just simply go to the nearest Grocery Store or Restaurant to redeem the prize winner written on the Scratch Card

The proceeds from the sale of Scratch Cards Goes Directly to buy food or groceries from the winning scratch card.




How does Food Scratch Card for Social Responsibility Work?

  • As mentioned above, Scratch Cards are fCorporate¬†or Food or Grocery Social Funding Scheme¬† which allows businesses to buy bulk scratch Cards from Cheap Store
  • Eatcheapper distribute the Cards to EatCheapper,s Partnered Supermakets or Restaurants on the behalf of Company or business.
  • The public or individuals buys Scratch Card Game,at the Supermaket and scratch the card to see if the card is winner or not

How does a Business benefit from Food Scratch Card?

  1. Increased employee engagement
  2. Better bottom-line financials
  3. More support for local and global communities
  4. Increased investment opportunities
  5. Press opportunities and brand awareness
  6. Increased customer retention and loyalty
  7. A stronger employer brand


Scratch Card Game For  Business

  • Brand Awareness
  • Product Promotion
  • Service Promotion

with a Company Logo indicating that Company is main Sponsor of that Food Scratch Card. Since businesses fund these scratch Cards, these scratch Cards are for free for the public.

The different between the two types is that Full food funding is for funding the entire food cost while the Discount Funding is actually a partially food funding and it can be 50% or 80%.


(5) Play Eats

What is Play Eats?

Play Eats is Lucky wheel spin and win Mobile App and Web App that helps our customers to receive Lucky Eats Food Coupons with their mobile devices on EatCheapper Marketplace and Food Delivery APP. Now your organization can able to get involve using Play Eats Platform.

Food and Drink | Spin the Wheel - Random Picker

How to get involved with Play Eats?

Your Organization can simply buy Play Eats food Coupons For Business and Donate those coupons back to the communities its doing business. The Coupons will be BRANDED with the Donating Company Logo so that the recipients will know that the food coupons are sponsored by your company.

  • Your Organization will set the date and time of when these Play Eats suppose to run.
  • Your Organization will set the area or radius where the food coupons suppose to run
  • Your Organization will set How long these food coupons suppose to run

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(6)Social Credit Card

What is Socila Credit Card?

Social Credit Card is strictly used as a Food Credit Card and supported by NGOs,Businesses who are involved in Cporporate Social Responsability and  local big Banks and as well stakeholders as the well big chain restaurants or any food related businesses such as food Wholesalers.

For many businesses, some employees work outside the office for different reasons or just for a business trip locally or international. Read More


(7) Corporate HR Philanthropy

What is Corporate HR Responsibility?

They say Charity begins at Home, Businesses can now practice social responsibility to its staff or workers by Simply getting involved in its workers well being products or services to social causes and nonprofits. EatCheapper have  developed  Employer and employee programs such as Corporate Free Gift Card . and for more information regarding Corporate gift card please visit gift Card free Corporate Gift  link


(8) Food Xchange

  • Have you ever thought good food with a close-to-expiration label in supermarkets beein trown away? In general, consumers are reluctant to buy and consume near-expired food, which contributes to food waste in supermarkets and restaurants. An astonishing 931 million tons of food were wasted in 2019 worldwide.

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