Business Opportunity

Whether you are a begginer or real entreprenue, We at EatCheapper give everyone an business opportunity to make money without too much Capital to invest with, Currently we have two main business opportunities that we offere such as

Live Cam Kitchen business opportunity

  • Live Cam Kitchen can be opperated by anyone in their home kitchen, so you dont really need a fully fledged restaurant to own Live Cam Home Kitchen ¬†Read More¬†

Brand Eats

  • Brand Eats is EatCheapper Franchise business opportunity and if youre willing to buy a food affordable franchise and make a lots of money, Welcome to Brand Eats

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Biisy Bike

Biisy Bike is an EatCheapper innovative franchise product for our  delivery bike driver to sell small food productcs on their bikes to passing customers while they are still waiting to receive delivery orders from restaurant and Supermarkets. You can be a part of this business opportunity by simply buying one or more of Biisy Bike Franchise. Read More