About Eat Cheaper

EatCheapper is a Food Delivery and food marketplace. A global food technology company that provides hardware ,food marketing software, food delivery software food delivery APP-based services and cognitive food Auction APP.
Given that the company is over 1 years old it is no surprise that it has had to adjust very fast to be a different food delivery service with technological advantages and new technology trends in the grocery food delivery and Food Marketplace business.

EatCheapper is now transitioning from being another new player in the Food Delivery business to one that is more leader in innovation food delivery and Food Auction company.

While the EatCheapper has expanded its portfolio from just Food Delivery to be the first Food Marketplace which offers services like food Auction,and online food grocery which in return offers food marketing strategies in food business to give more shareholder value to their investment

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Why EatCheapper?

 How we buy and consume food in restaurants and grocery stores is the single biggest threat to food security and profitability of any food business today. Delivering the massage to the customer is  a major driver of the restaurants or food grocery profitability or  loss of profitability. Poor customer communication is one of the leading reasons customers don’t even try  your restaurant or shop with no intention of coming back to your restaurant or shop in the near future. With so many choices available in the hospitality sector and retail grocery stores sector, today’s food consumer doesn’t have to tolerate poor communication service. They will simply never come to your shop or restaurant. READ MORE


How Does EatCheapper Work?

EatCheapper don’t charge any commission per order or to a restaurants or grocery store as traditional Food Delivery service companies do, but Eatcheapper have introduced a  monthly subscription model with packages and these packages comes in different sizes depending the size of your shop number of products or size of your food menu for your restaurant. READ MORE

EatCheapper products and  Services

  • Food Delivery

No Commission Charge= 0%

EatCheapper do not charge commission at all but your store can register for 3 month free package or choose the premium subscription monthly fee which make easier for your store to count your profit without sharing you’re profit it with third party delivery companies but directly to your restaurant or your shop bank account and lastly if you feel you not happy with your first subscription Money Back Guaranteed

With EatCheapper Self-Delivery, you have the flexibility to use your own Restaurant or Grocery in Store self delivery service with your own full time or casually employed store staff. Now can simply choose a suitable restaurant or grocery store listing package that come with delivery fleet of bicycles for hire, scooters ,Restaurant staff transportation  or EatCheapper drivers, enabling your business flexibility to save on delivery cost of you restaurant of grocery store.

  •  Food Auction

It may be hard to believe that there is a thing called Food Auction!!!, but food Auctions is real and alive for the first time in history for the auctions of fresh food in bulks ,in food hampers or  full grocery trolley on eat cheaper food auction website and Eat Cheaper food Delivery App.

EatCheapper Food Marketplace allow food retailers and convenience stores, Grocery stores to create ,sell and run live food auctions on EatCheapper marketplace. READ MORE

  • Online Food Grocery and Food Marketplace

No matter the circumstances, trips to the grocery shops are stressful to most fast moving people, but with many now practicing social distancing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.Yes of course ,general public can still order drinks and dishes from local restaurants- but this maybe too costly to order ready meals everyday and EatCheapper have created a platform for all food dealers, wholesalers, Convenience stores and Spaza Shops of any size to list and sell their food products on EatCheapper Marketplace online food Shop.

  • Free Supebike Delivery and Bike Rentals

Supebike is a EatCheapper free bike-car listing package for  restaurant or Grocery food stores to be used for  Self in house delivery service .Supebike comes in as bicycle, motorbike, scooter or small car depending on restaurant or grocery store needs.

Supebike can be white labelled or branded with the shop or restaurant name or Logo depending of the restaurant shop needs. located in the Restaurant premises and driven by one of your staff members to deliver food in a local area with NO extra cost and qualify for Supebike just choose one of our monthly subscription packages. READ MORE

Self Drive

Self-Delivery allows us to generate more profits and save on delivery cost for restaurants or convenient stores by allowing staff members to do some deliveries in  slow business days or hours ,e.g its slow business day and an order comes in, it logical thing to allow the waiter who have been waiting for hours doing nothing  to go and deliver the latest order since the Restaurant or grocery shop is a bit quiet.Now restaurant or convenient store can have one or delivery fleet of bicycle,scooters or small delivery cars  stationed on site of restaurant or grocery store to be used by Restaurant or Grocery shop direct used for their in house deliveries and all this by restaurant or food shop choosing a suitable  listing package.

  • Free Restaurant or Grocery shop Gadgets

                                           Free Tablets, POS, printers

We will provide and send everything you’ll need to get started – a tablet, a wireless printer and up to 20 branded extras to help promote your business subject on your monthly subscription you have chosen and some subscription comes with free devices, Tablets, POS, printers and delivery Bike and some are available in selected big cities around the globe, such cities as Johannesburg . Beijing, Tokyo, Miami. London ,Paris. Cape Town, Durban .Los Angeles. Delhi , Melbourne and Toronto in America

  • 24 hr tablet support
  • Flexible payment plan
  • Use EatCheapper’s rider network or your own
  • Marketing and promotion of your grocery shop or Restaurant business
  • Save on photography, websites and restaurant supplies
  • Discounted packaging, tailored to every dish and cuisine
  • Create loyal customers with Restaurant Hub and Grocery shop  insights and tools

How does EatCheapper work?


Partner with EatCheapper Food Delivery service and food Market Place. Choose a monthly subscription package that suit the need of your Restaurant or shop business  and start making money Set up your online food  shop and Upload a menu, food pictures, grocery pictures schedule your photo shoot and if you need one we’ll ship your tablet Switch on your tablet, and start tracking orders via EatCheapper Restaurant Hub

Become our Driver partner

Join and become a EatCheapper driver partner to deliver food in your local area and make money,simply as that. EatCheapper recently rolled out EatCheapper Food Auction and online grocery store which allows drivers not just delivering food from popular restaurants but our  partner have more work in delivering food parcels and food groceries directly form our online Eatcheapper food Market Place in your local area,so dont worry about the lack of delivery jobs volumes.
Do you have a small car, delivery Bike or food delivery bicycle ,Welcome!!

Our Values

At EatCheapper, our values are at the core of everything we do. They guide how we work together and make decisions, whether it be recruitment or the evolution and development of our people, teams and products

Our Happy Customers

EatCheapper is on a mission to transform the way customers eat. A key ingredient of our success is having the best selection of popular local restaurants for our customers to choose from. Whether people want a pap and meat in the evening, a salad at lunch, or freshly scrambled eggs for breakfast – we’ve got it covered.

By constantly innovating and expanding, we offer the best choice and convenience. Our aim is to bring great food direct to customers as fast as possible, in less than 30 minutes.

Driven by technology

EatCheapper was founded in the South Africa and we are proud to export South African-born food marketplace and food delivery technology around the world. Our ‘Frank’ algorithm is based on powerful predictive technology that evaluates the most efficient way of distributing orders based on the location of restaurants, riders and customers.

Machine learning helps to predict the time it will take to prepare a meal, helping to streamline the delivery experience. EatCheapper has already cut delivery time by 20%, meaning riders are able to complete more deliveries per hour and increase their earnings, restaurants are able to increase their sales, and – of course – customers get their food even faster.

Working with our riders

Eat Cheaper is proud to offer well-paid, flexible work and our riders are at the heart of all that we do. Their hard work powers our growth, and without them we would be unable to bring our customers the best food on demand while helping great local restaurants to grow.


EatCheapper cares about our riders, and that’s why we were the first on-demand company to call for an end to the trade-off between flexibility and security that currently exists in employment law. We want to work with Governments in all countries to make this happen.

EatCheapper For Business and restaurants, delivered

Eat Cheapper is passionate about food delivery and bringing people evermore choice. There are amazing restaurants everywhere that we believe everyone should have access to.

But EatCheapper’s mission is not only to make sure that the grocery delivery in your home area or office but everywhere and anytime for all occasions such as Birthday Gifts and Corprate Gifts for your company. READ MORE


EatCheapper’s food Marketplace platform does exactly that: helping restaurants and Grocery Shops  expand to new areas. Editions identifies the cuisines that people want but do not have access to locally and then invests in restaurants who excel in those foods to help them set-up in those local areas.

We help restaurants to set up kitchens in new areas within just 8-12 weeks, without the upfront costs of a high-street premise. EatCheapper provides restaurants with data insights so that they know which cuisines will be popular in specific local areas – meaning restaurants grow faster and customers have wider choice.

Whether it is a local restaurant looking to expand, street food entrepreneurs seeking new customers, or a restaurant wanting to launch a new menu, Editions is designed to support innovation.

All this is what lies behind EatCheapper’s mission to bring customers a whole world of restaurant-quality food. Every consumer’s version of amazing is different, and our job is to ensure that they enjoy what they want, when they want it, where they want it.